Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter, NSDAR


Vice Regent
Leslie Clark
Tricia Hicks
Recording Secretary
Rhonda Aminian
Corresponding Secretary
Kathleen Breslin
Shelley Lester
Jo Ann Slocum-Mazzucca
Janet Tartgalia
Director of Special Events
Kathleen Mazzacco


Chapter History

Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter
On 17 April 2004, Monmouth Chapter DAR officially merged into Shrewsbury Towne Chapter, NSDAR forming Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter.

Shrewsbury Towne Chapter
Shrewsbury Towne Chapter was organized on 12 January 1935 with Pauliene Mattenlee (Mrs. James H. Mattenlee) as Regent and Helen R. Borden (Mrs. Charles F. Borden) as Vice Regent. The name Shrewsbury Towne was chosen to honor the town where the chapter was organized. Shrewsbury, Monmouth County New Jersey was settled in 1662 and was named in honor of Shrewsbury, England.

New Jersey Room
New Jersey Room in Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, DC

Monmouth Chapter
Monmouth Chapter was organized 29 June 1900, and was named in commemoration of the Battle of Monmouth. The Organizing Regent was Annie Hull McLean White (Mrs. Henry S.). She was a descendant of John Hull, Minute Man in the Middlesex County Militia.

The Monmouth Chapter did its part in the building of Memorial Continental Hall and in the furnishing of the New Jersey Room. A chair was given to the White House, made from the wood of the frigate Augusta.

The above information on Monmouth Chapter is from State History of the New Jersey Daughters of the American Revolution, 1929; compiled by Grace Louise Cadmus and assisted by E. Jane Peer.

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